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If you read the previous entry, you’ll know that this is an old blog. In my youth I had a habit of collecting fresh new blogs on various platforms. I eventually settled on WordPress, but not before creating about a half-dozen of them here. Which basically means that I can dust off something new whenever I feel the need to.

That is what I have done here. I felt for a while that I needed to be highly visible if I was going to do the social media thing for my work. In the past several months, I have sort of changed my mind on that front. I do want to be visible, but not everywhere. I have a Twitter account (@dreacros), an Instagram (@alcwrites), a blog (that would be this … hi!), and an email (form can be found on the Author Bio page). I think that is really all I need. Too many accounts means that I spend more time online than I do writing (<- that’s bad for writers).

Something I have learned recently, is that if I write everyday instead of spending my time online (or editing … is there really anyone who likes editing?), then I can get new work written pretty quickly. I am less than a month into my new story and already at about 12,000 words. I think that is a fair trade off for the procrastination.

I can say that I will probably post here as often as I can – how’s that for commitment phobia? I can’t say for sure how often that will be, and even if I could, it wouldn’t really be a solid promise. I’ve got life going on, and I hate sticking to a schedule (it makes me rebel in weird ways).

At some point, I’ll post a synopsis of my novel, and maybe a summary of sorts of my new work. I have also recently found that my writing spans a variety of genres with the similarities being in that they focus heavily on the characters along for the ride. My people are somewhat damaged, often addictive personalities who don’t take themselves too seriously. I’m eager for you to get to know them, and maybe love them as much as I do.

And hey, if you remember me from somewhere, and you wanna talk, shoot me a message. I miss people. Some of you more than others, but I’m Canadian, so I’ll write everyone back. Unless you get weird and stalker-y. I’m the weird one around here, and we have no further openings. Sorry.

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