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Summer in Calgary thus far has been rainy, cool, and filled with thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Not that I’m complaining — I don’t think I could have picked a better summer.

I love thunderstorms, I prefer weather that is warm, but not too hot — I think my neighbourhood broke 30°C only once this year — and the rain is like a gift from the heavens. The prairies are a dry place, and I was born and raised on the “wet” coast. Living here there is nothing I miss more than a good, hard rain.

If you follow me on social media, you may already know that I have been suffering a bit of recurring writers block. Rather than suffer and drive myself mad trying to break through, I have given myself a bit of a break to dive back into my other passion: reading.

I’ve been visiting one of our newest libraries, and in the last few weeks have been through at least half a dozen novels including the Time Traveler’s Wife, Kate Atkinson’s Case Histories, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Mycroft Holmes (which I absolutely loved).

Every time I go to return a book, I somehow manage to come out with two or three new ones. My library TBR pile is getting a bit out of control, and my TBR list is even more so, but I love it. I so rarely give myself the time and freedom to just read whatever takes my fancy for pure enjoyment.

I’ve come out with some new ideas and a couple of new projects that are currently in the planning phase. It’s been so long since I fully explored new ideas rather than just jotted them down for a rainy day, that I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy the process of taking the seed of an idea and teasing a full story out of it.

I think that my next post may be a look at the background process and the work that goes in to planning, character development, and outlining a novel since that is where I am at the moment — while at the same time finishing up the previous work.

For now, I am going to fix myself a cool drink, take my book and sit out in the fleeting summer sun before the next set of storms roll through.

How has your summer been thus far? Have you had a chance to get some reading in? What are your favourite kind of books for the warmer weather? Personally, I love a good old fashioned murder mystery with a bit of romance and some summer madness tossed in for flavour.

I know I am a bit quiet when it comes to social media a lot of the time, but if you want to know first when new posts are available, you can find my on Twitter at @dreacros. Enjoy your summer, peeps!

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