The Year of Putting Myself Out There

Apparently starts now.

About two weeks ago I found out (at the last-minute) about the MWA first crime novel contest. And me in my new year frenzy of optimism thought to myself, ‘I can be ready to enter that by the deadline’. Ignoring, of course, that it’s generally thought to be a bad idea to enter a writing contest at the last-minute. But, my brain set the challenge and in a week I had two more revisions of my novel done, and it was ready to enter. Or it was as ready as I could make it.

I’m still kind of reeling from that. When I set my mind to do something I’m anxious about, I turn off my brain until it is done, and then I slowly freak out for weeks after it is too late to take it back. I don’t know if this is a good method of coping, but it is what I have.

Then just two days ago I sent out my first query letter to a literary agency in the UK. And when my cold lets up a little, I plan to send out a couple more.

In my head, when I decided to start sending my work out into the world, I envisioned it as being a springtime thing. I would have some time to gather momentum and courage and then I would be ready. The fact is, however, that I am a world-class procrastinator, and I was never going to be ‘ready’. So, I guess my MO for 2019 is to just close my eyes and dive into the deep end.

Next week is going to be where I pick up my NaNoWriMo project again and finish off the first draft. I’m looking forward to that. Writing is infinitely more relaxing than editing and querying.

Oh, also my hair is pink now. How is your year going so far?

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