NaNoWriMo – One Week In

Seven days, 15,000 words. Not too shabby, all things considered.

While I’m trying very hard not to get ahead of myself, I think I might just make it this year, if Week One is anything to go by. One thing that has really been a huge help to me is the fact that there is just so much story to tell, so even if I get stuck in certain parts, I can skip ahead and write a bit here and there that will sync up later. I think it makes things a little easier when you have a second (and sometimes third) POV to explore the situation from.

I definitely won’t be finished the novel at 50,000 words, but I should have a good enough chunk finished that I can go back to it after the holidays (or even keep going into early December) and have a first draft completed potentially by the end of January.

I have also managed to keep up with the #wrimohero challenge over at Instagram as well, which is an accomplishment when you wake up a little brain fried every morning.

I will admit there have been a couple of incidents that have made me wonder if my brain is actually leaking out of my ears while I sleep, but so far I haven’t wandered into the wrong house or forgotten to put my clothes on the right way around, so I consider that a win.

I mean I did try to turn the volume up on an article I was reading, and put the lid onto almond butter I had already spread on my toast. And the laundry is slowly gaining sentience and taking over the house, but I figure that once it gets big enough, I’ll just give it some chores to do, and we’ll be good.

How is NaNoWriMo going for you this year? Are you still managing to squish a bit of life in around the edges of all those words?

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