Word Count Progress and NaNo Prep

45,000 words. That’s an impressive number. I keep looking at it in disbelief. For a story started just six months ago, I am impressed with myself.

I am still struggling with ‘writing everyday’, but I am beginning to think that outside of NaNo season, that might not be a thing that I do. This year has been one of learning my writing habits, and I am beginning to think that ‘regular’ for me is roughly every other day. It gives me a three to four day work week, and ultimately, I think that isn’t a bad thing.

We will see how it goes once school starts. Things may change dramatically when I have some time all to myself. Can’t really remember when that last happened outside of a movie theatre.

NaNoWriMo. Who’s participating this year? I waffle just about every year, and I was thinking that I was probably going to give it a miss this year, and then my new mystery idea appeared in my head, and I thought, ‘You know what this would be good for?’

September is just around the corner, and I think I might actually put some effort into planning this year. More so than I normally do, anyway. My NaNo MO is to have a general storyline up to about the middle point, two or three main characters, and an idea for the opening scene. And I dive in from there.

This year I want to avoid that, so I am going to try to get as much planned as I can without actually writing the story. This will give me an excuse to ‘work on’ my new story while still writing my current WIP.

One of the main things I’m still struggling with is POV. I expect to have a shifting POV in some places because the main story will be a journal that one of the MC’s is reading. If that makes any sense. It will when I’m finished with it, I’m sure. What I am still sort of struggling with is whether I want the main story to be a first person record, or if I want the narrator/writer to attempt to put some distance between himself and the events. That will require some thinking. Hopefully it sorts itself out by the time I am ready to put pen to paper, so to speak.

Pieces I can write before I get started are a draft outline, a scene list, and a description of the main settings (the character sheets are all already done). Whether or not I will get that started before October remains to be seen.

Ah, autumn. My favourite season — sweaters, pumpkin spice everything (especially candles), and a new novel taking shape.

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