Halfway There

Just a little update for those following along, I have just hit the halfway point on my WIP. 40,000 words!

It always feels awesome to hit a milestone on the journey. Helps me to see the progress. If I can keep up this pace, I should be finished the first draft by October 1st.

School for the Littles starts soon, so it should be a bit easier to find some time when no one is constantly appearing at my side asking for a drink, then a snack, then more food, then a movie, then tattling, ad infinitum. There is a reason I usually write at night.

It was cool and rainy today, and for the first time in weeks I had to dig out a pair of socks. It think we are definitely coming up on my favourite season. Which in Calgary is that brief couple of weeks between choking on wildfire smoke and being buried under a ton of snow.

I think late summer/early fall is about the perfect time to be writing. As the days grow shorter, the world seems to pick up a bit of a mystical feel. There is a crispness to the air, the desire to snuggle under a blanket with a good book, or just a hot drink grows stronger. For me, that is the perfect recipe for daydreaming. And from daydreaming comes stories.

What does your favourite writing day look like?

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