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Holidays are over and my house is an unholy disaster. While I attempt to keep on top of the post-vacation mess, I have decided that it is time to get back to work. And by that, I mean that it is time to focus on the new WIP, and get that first draft finished.

I have set myself a deadline of October 1st, which will give me a completion time of just about eight months. It’s not ideal, but considering that my start and stop and forget method of writing my first book made the first draft take just under 3 years, I am pretty happy about having sliced that down considerably.

It feels a little weird to have my procrastination project take centre stage, but we all knew that it would happen eventually. Especially since I have actually started writing another new novel. Not too much. Just enough to keep the thoughts/ideas in a place where I can find them again later. When there is a new idea on the horizon, that is usually a sign that I need to get the current project finished and off the stove, so to speak.

I think the best part about a vacation away from home is that you are almost certain to be out of the loop on news and politics at least for a little while, and that is surprisingly relaxing all on its own. I got to focus on friends and showing my kids around my old stomping grounds, and haunting a dozen or so thrift stores to pick up way too many vintage books. I took four books with me, and came home with nearly a dozen more, including a new dictionary — not the one I really wanted, but better than the one I currently have, so score!

I might need a new bookshelf now.

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