Summer Vacation Station

It’s still a while yet before our real holiday begins, but I feel like I am in summer vacation mode already. So far this week, I have watched half a dozen movies, and have binge-watched five seasons of Endeavour (which is a prequel to the Inspector Morse series). When I finally turn the television off, I sit in the dark of my air-conditioned room and let my mind wander into new and different places and times.

And yes, that means that I have another novel idea as well as a new short story that I’ve written. I am trying to find a place between fluttering off and starting a hundred new projects and trying to get the idea itself down so it doesn’t get lost while working on the novel that I am still in the middle of. I have a bad track record with new ideas versus the discipline required to see a current project all the way to the end.

My first novel is still with the beta readers. I’m not in a rush to return to editing, though, so they are welcome to take their time to get through the manuscript.

The pre-vacation chores are piling up, but to be honest, I haven’t felt so good about being idle since I was a kid, so I’m going to ride this wave for a while, I think. Daydreaming was one of my favourite pastimes in the summers of my youth. The weather is perfect for weaving the spell of romance and adventure. Whether that means wandering off into the brush with a strong stick in hand or just laying in a sunbeam imagining far off places, it’s all good.

Call it mental self-care. We all need a break now and then. When you hear from me next, I will probably be on the road. Happy summer, people!

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