Chin Up

I have to say, I’m a little sad that I can’t use England’s World Cup run as my distraction from the horrors of the rest of the news anymore. I sort of feel like there is nothing left but ass clowns and villains who think we can’t see them tenting their fingers in vicious delight.

These last few weeks have really shown me that we need something to counter the darkness. We need good news to hold on to. All 12 of the Thai soccer players were successfully rescued as was their coach. That is something wonderful.

I am in the midst of watching Masterchef Australia purely for the joy it gives me when I see all the contestants becoming friends and supporting and helping each other. I love seeing people who understand that competition is between yourself and your goal, not the other contestants or players. If they at their best can beat you at your best, then your best needs to get better. It doesn’t make them a bad person. It doesn’t make you less if you lose. I wish more people understood this. Winning a game doesn’t define your worth as a human being.

I have definitely spent entirely too much time on social media today. Too much time reading the news. I had a plan of what I wanted to get accomplished, and the most I have managed is a semi-clean kitchen and two loads of laundry. And that has to be enough. It just does. It’s all I can handle doing, and I am beginning to understand that that’s ok.

I was born a perfectionist. I know this because my daughter was too. It took me so many years to work my way out of the mindset that if something isn’t perfect then it isn’t worth anything. It has taken teaching my daughter that there are no mistakes in art, to teach me that it is ok to not be the best at something. It is ok to not want to be the best. It is ok to just be happy with what you can do. Strive for more tomorrow. Or don’t. Read a book. Take a bubble bath. Eat a cookie. De-stress. Everything will still be there tomorrow. And it will be more fulfilling to come at your project fresh than to try and force your way through it when your tank is on empty.

I am going to make dinner and read something by Terry Pratchett. How are you going to de-stress?

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