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It is vacation time in the Crossett household! School has been out long enough for me to remember why I like school so much despite the early mornings, and I have just finished the third draft of my novel. *yay me! happy dance*

From here we get into the nitty-gritty of the dirt road to publishing — beta readers, editors, agent shopping. But not until after some relaxing time with the fam and a big road trip out west. I have not seen the ocean in a very long time, and that’s just unacceptable.

I went to the bookstore last week, so my TBR pile of summer books just got a little taller.  I picked up ‘Moriarty’ by Anthony Horowitz and ‘The Perfect Stranger’ by Megan Miranda (actually, I already had Perfect Stranger, I just found it while rearranging my bookshelf to fit in the books that I actually did finish reading. Gonna need a new bookshelf soon.

I have a couple of weeks to burn through my TBR pile before we head out onto the open road. And I have three more books that I want to buy waiting for my in my Amazon cart … I might have a problem. I’m also planning a trip to the used bookstore in search of some new classics to add to my collection — but that only barely counts because everyone needs to own copies of the classics, right? Right? Hello? Bueller?

It has been so long since we’ve been on vacation, I’m not sure I remember how to get ready for one. Clothes, snacks, favourite blankets, books, toiletries, some manner of entertainment to keep the kids from killing each other in the back of the car … I’m almost certain I will forget something.

I am considering bringing a couple of audiobooks with me. Has anyone done that? Road trip with an audiobook? What are your favourite types of books to listen to? I am guessing anything that has the potential to put the driver to sleep is a no go. Maybe I will test a couple out before hand.

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