When Time Gets Slippery

What is your deal 2018? If it wasn’t weird enough for January to last for three months, all of the rest of the months since then have been slipping past us like wet bar soap coated in KY.

I feel very certain that the first of May was just yesterday, and yet here we are a week in already. I remember similar sensations last year. There were a few months last summer that stretched out to impossible lengths in only a few days. Summer is the best time of the year for that to happen, if you ask me. This year I’m almost scared to blink in case all of summer rushes past and I find myself in November again.

One of my favourite quotes comes from the novel Wizard and Glass, the fourth volume of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, that reads: “Time is a face on the water.” In the world of the Dark Tower, when time grows strange, it is a symptom of their world coming apart at the seams. And while some may argue that that is exactly what is happening in our world these days (I can admit, that some days it certainly feels that way), I am enamoured with the idea of time being fluid and changeable instead of the steady ticking of endlessly grinding gears.

I have (like a lot of writers, I imagine) wanted for a long time to write a story with a central theme of time distortion. Maybe something about time travel. Maybe even exploring the possibilities of travelling on currents that exist in a realm that only the consciousness can reach (anyone remember Quantum Leap from the 90s?). When you remove the need for moving your physical body, the possibilities become endless. And then there is the theory of time dilation. I have seen a couple of attempts to weave that into a story with varying degrees of success.

I have the bones of an idea floating around in my File Folder of Doom. The main problem with that sort of tale, for me, is how twisty and layered can you really make a story before it stops making sense all together? Could it be something that could be crammed into a short story format (I have a lot of novels on my plate already)?

I’m sitting in my chair by the window watching a rainstorm pass over my neighbourhood. I live in a weird weather bubble, where there can be rain or even snow over top of my house, and by the end of the street, everything is completely different. If nothing else, the weather in Calgary can make you believe that anything is possible.

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