Word Salad – Light Dressing

Well, it s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t had a whole lot to talk about this month. June has been a bit of a whirlwind with winding up the last month of school, planning our summer vacation, editing, and avoiding the news. Nothing kills my desire to spend any time on the internet like watching one of the darkest periods of recent history slowly unfold into it’s second coming. It’s like being chased by the liquid metal terminator.

And while I have given up my ‘no politics’ stance on my Twitter account, I still try to keep a light-ish feel for balance. It’s not all bad news. One thing my general news avoidance has been good for is editing. I am now down to the last five chapters. WooHoo! Once done it is off to the beta readers, and I will be able to focus solely on my new novel — which honestly, is starting to give me some trouble.

Not writer’s block or anything like that, but I guess it would be something along the lines of Reluctant Writer Syndrome where I know where the story is going, but it’s dark and difficult, and I like my MC a little too much to want to put him through it. Gotta be done, though. Poor guy.

On a happier note, I have discovered a fantastic show on YouTube called Hot Ones. It’s where they interview celebrities while feeding them increasingly spicy chicken wings (or vegan wings — who knew vegans even had wings?). I have latched on to this show like it is oxygen. My own recent angry stomach issues have me cutting back on the fiery foods, but it’s great to live vicariously through famous people. Also the random squeaks, hiccups, and swearing are the absolute best. You definitely want to check them out if you are not already a fan.

Other than that, I am still grinding away at my To Be Read pile which I have just added a new book called ‘If We Were Villains’ by ML Rio. I am very excited for into this one. It’s about a group of theatre students covering up a murder. If I can resist it for a couple more weeks, I will probably take it with me on our not-so-annual journey to the coast.

I cannot express how excited I am to be head back to the ocean. It is my most favourite place.

Where are you headed this summer?

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