Word Salad – Rough Chop

Life has been a bit scattered the last while. I think I have officially entered into summer reading mode. Which means that writing is not getting as much attention as it usually does, which leads to the whole guilt thing, and round and round we go.

Right now I am reading too many books at once, but principally Wolves of the Calla and the Patrick Melrose novels (neatly packaged into a single volume).

I also watched the first of the new series last night. I was pretty impressed. They stuck very close to the novel, with some scene and dialogue changes to make sure that all the best bits of Patrick’s inner monologue were preserved.

I think that I may write a review or something after I’ve seen and read the whole works. I’m only on book 3 (Some Hope) right now, and I think this story needs an overview perspective that I don’t really have yet.

As for Wolves, I need a day when I don’t have to stop every couple of minutes to deal with child drama so that I can truly dive back into that one. The Dark Tower series is so immersive that I need time to fully appreciate it instead of taking little dips.

I love this cover. Abe Books, folks. Inexpensive, international, and you can find pretty much whatever your heart desires.

I am still writing. Hit 20,000 words on my new novel the day before yesterday. I have been working on where the story is going, and while I don’t have a plan, I have a glimpse of the destination. And that is very helpful.

Editing procrastination is getting bad. I need to pick a day this week or maybe the next time it is really rainy and just buckle down and edit three or four chapters in a row. If I can make it to the end of Part 1, I may be able to pick up the motivation I need to really dive into it. It’s just so very long of a story. My advice to newbie writers: Stay under 100,000 words if you can. Make a concentrated effort to do so. You will thank yourself later.

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