Word Salad – Deeper Greens

Guess who is writing outside today! At 9:30 this morning, it was already 16° (for those who don’t speak Celsius, that’s 60°F), and beautifully sunny. So, I decided to dust off the old flip-flops and set up the patio table.

Not too shabby. Nice and compact, more battery life than I will inevitably have time for in a single sitting, and the kids are pretending to be Kaiju, so they are fully entertained at the moment. If I had a mimosa, this would be a perfect Saturday morning.

I even managed to get another chapter in my WIP edited. I could say that I will spend my time editing more and writing, but I fully admit that I am planning to grab my latest read, How to Stop Time, and sit in the sun.

There has been so very much snow this year, that any excuse to soak up some warmth is not an opportunity to let pass you by.

Not a whole lot else is happening in my world right now. May is Mental Health Awareness month, so that has been on my mind a lot the last few days. I might write something about it, but I also might not. I’m a waffler that way.

Oh, one thing that may show up in the next week is a snippet from my new story, the murder mystery. Just enough to tantalize. I know just the part I want to use. The trick, of course, will be to get it down to only a couple hundred words and still make sense without giving too much away.

Maybe I’ll manage a synopsis of the story while I’m at it. Though, that would require that I know where the story is going in a general kind of way, and my main character has not shared that information with me yet. Jerk.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, and keep your eyes open for something new and interesting … or at least new to show up here in the dugout. Cheers!

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