Music Heals

Music Heals is a Vancouver based charity that raises money for music therapy programs across Canada. It was started by a group of music enthusiasts, and is headed by a very good friend of mine.

This is one of my favourite organizations, not just because I know the people involved, but because I love to see the amazing transformations in the lives of the people who are given access to music therapy. Getting involved in creating music helps raise spirits, it helps people heal their minds and their bodies, and it is just a completely beautiful thing to share with others.

This summer, Music Heals is launching their Take a Pic campaign. If you email them at, they will send you a Music Heals guitar pick. The idea is that you take it with you wherever you go this summer, grab a few pictures, post them on social media and tag @musicheal_ca in the description. This is a contest that enters you in a draw to win tickets to the 2018 Strike a Chord Gala in Vancouver.

Personally, I am down with anything that helps to raise awareness for Music Heals and music therapy programs, so I will definitely be participating. You can see photos of my adventures this summer on Instagram @alcwrites or on Twitter (assuming I can figure out how to link the two accounts) @dreacros.

I encourage everyone to take a minute and send in your email. It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s fun — plus you get a snazzy little guitar pic out of the deal (I used to collect them, so this makes me ridiculously happy). Mine is purple.

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